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About Us

We are a cleanical skin solutions company. Our products are created and formulated by skin experts and chemists with years of experience in the business, formulated using only scientifically proven active ingredients in high concentrations.

Our products are non-toxic and highly effective, free from irritants and harsh chemicals.

There are many skin care products out there. Are they safe? Are they effective? The skin care market has too many products that are way overpriced and overhyped in claims, misleading you to overpay for something that doesn’t really work.

From the expensive and exclusive brands to the more affordable ones, from the fancy packaging to the simpler ones, from the very promising descriptions to the subtle messages, we realised one common issue. A lot of toxic and harsh ingredients are being used to produce your cream, lotion, or toners but not enough active ingredients in it to justify the claimed efficacies.

We champion the notion of reduce, reuse and recycle. Our packaging is simple and straightforward, with minimal use of plastics. All our glass bottles (yup, not plastic) are medical grade and amber in colour to help protect its contents from UV.

We focus a lot more on what’s inside our bottles instead of outside of it, which incidentally, is the only thing your skin recognises.

In addition, we fully list out the safe ingredients that we used, how much of the good stuff is inside and the bad stuff that we don’t, open and transparent.

We hope to share with you our knowledge and our enriching experiences. This will help you make a better buying decision on skin care for yourself and your loved ones.